Naah.. ini diaa… descriptive text yang pernah aku janjiin mau aku post

udah deh langsung aja nih….. 😀

Honey Bee


Honey Bee is the nave for several species of socially oriented bees distinguished by their honey making and hoarding. Honeybees have long been domesticated, and they are also naturalized on every continent exept Antartica.


Honeybees require an ample supply of flower in their habitat, since this is their food source. They also need suitable place to build hives. In cooler temperture climates, the hives site must be large enough for the bees.

How to Gather Food

Bees are depedent on flower for food. Pollen-their main source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat is necessary for the development of all larval bees. Adult bees forage fro pollen and nectar, the sweet liquid produced by flowers, in flowers, thus pollinating, or fertilizing, plant seeds. Bees also collect nectar as an energy source. They either comsume the nectar directly or convert it to honey in the hive.


Udah kan….. itu tadi.. descriptive text tentang “HONEYBEE”

Moga bermanfaat 😀


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